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Name:Flemming Kraglund
Born:Marts 1963, Frederiksberg
Matrimonial stand:married, 2 kids (girls at 12 and 16 years)
Recreational interests:Music (jazz, blues, rock), horseback riding, role playing and computer strategy games


I've had practical experience with programming since 1982 and I am very experienced with network and Unix since 1986. Professionally I am a strong technical trouble shooter, and I like a challenge. In projects I typically have the role as the technical specialist, who can offer advice and support wrt. the technical quality of a solution and in consideration of other technical solutions. I would in the future like to keep my technical focus but I am open for a cordinating technical role. As a person I am calm, active and helpsome. I am used to having responsibility for my own assignments, but I also thrive in an open interplay, - for example a solution to a technical problem requires the collection of information from all the involved parts. My future professional interests lies within large networks, security especially wrt. wireless technology. I would prefer to work for a large or middle sized company.

Professional experience

2001 - SuperUsers A/S (System consultant, programmer and instructor)
Primarily consultant assignments (network, unix, Perl Samba and development of web pages with Java, Perl, XML and XSL) in conjunction with both large and small projects. In addition to that I have held courses, such as Advanced Perl. Specific consultant assignments I have done are:
  • Mærsk Olie og Gas (2002-2003): Samba project with the development of a validation system (Perl) for different platforms with approx. 25 defined test objects, for example Samba servers interplay with trusted domains.
  • TeleDanmark (2002): Development of customer specific course in BGP (Boarder Gateway Protocol) - exchanging of router information for ISP's. Establishment of router configuration for simulation tasks at the course.
  • TeleDanmark (2002): Development of customer specific course in MPLS (Multi-protocol Label Switching), which gives the possibility to route virtual networks in physic networks, primarily for ISP's. Establishment of router configuration for simulation tasks at the course.
  • Orange (2001-2002): Technical assignments for Media-divisionen under Marketing - installation and configuration of UNIX servers (FreeBSD) and performance optimization in the technical environment (web page presentation speed, databases etc.). Web development for Marketing, support for development (Perl, XML, XSL, WAP rendering etc.) of services under and and Java support to the developers.
2000 - 2000 Carl Bro -> Enovasion A/S (consultant and system programmer)
(25 persons separated from Carl Bro and established as an independent company, bought by a venture company just after my employment in Carl Bro - the company was closed). Web development with HTML, Perl, Java Script/Applet and MySql, as part of a smaller interdisciplinary project teams (content, graphics, development). For example the development of a web based document handling system for HT, DSB and Banestyrelsen. Gave both internal and external support for hosting and web hotel solutions (Linux).
1982 - 1999 ICL Danmark A/S (Consultant - security, network and UNIX) / (1998-1999)
  • Responsibility for ICL's security policy. Product support for "Firewall-1" on SUN computers wrt. design, implementation and instructor on customer firewall-1 curses.
  • System and network administration, design and implementation on Cisco and Nortelnetworks (bay)
  • Established Internet multi-homing - ISP with transatlantic carriers, router configuration and the scope for agreements with the ISP's.
  • Misc. system administration and support for different UNIX platforms (SystemV, BSD, Sun, Solaris).
  • I stood for the customer related Java support confer the national distribution of SUN, (was educated in USA).

Danosi A/S (Consultant and pre sale - Internet security and network) / (1994-1997)
(Danosi was in 1998 merged with the parent company, ICL Danmark, after the company in 1996 moved to ICL's buildings and took over the SUN business) Technical sale support and customer support in regard to sales of network solutions, - also with other suppliers than ICL. Support wrt. configuration and installation of network and routers (wellfleet (bay), 3Com, Cisco), firewalls (Firewall-1 on SUN computers) and web servers (CERN, Netscape, Apache).

ICL DATA (Consultant and pre sale - UNIX, network) / (1992-1993)
As a part of the sale department I assisted with sale support and contract pre view wrt. the technical solution. Consultant, network on SUN and misc. UNIX system administration, shell and Perl scripts. Participated in many ICL internal courses, for example Project Management.

Regnecentralen Af 1979 (Research and development, programmer) / (1982-1991)
(Regnecentralen was in 1989 merged with ICL - International Computer Limited A/S, which in 1991 also bought Nokia Data that had the national distribution af SUN computers - merged in 1992)

  • 1991 - SUN system administration, customer as well as internal. Network administration.
  • 1989 - Maintenance of UNIX systems, system- and network administration. 3rd. line customer support, when technical support (2. line) gave up.
  • 1988 - Support of RC990 - with asymmetrical multiprocessor architecture. Driver porting for our own intelligent IO adapters to SCO Unix.
  • 1986 - Development and documentation of the RC950 computer - from the bottom PC compatible computer, 80386 based and with UNIX, primarily used in municipal solutions with a need for network and multi user solutions - for example up to 32 users with Uniplex text writer. Development of system tools, shell scripts, device drivers, Sendmail, UUCP and IP networking.
  • 1984 - Development and documentation of the RC750 computer "Partner" - from the bottom 80186 based CCP/M, singleuser/multiuser-computer with multitasking and terminals. Programming of system- and configuration tools (assembler and C). Network solutions with IMC (Inter Module Communication). Porting of Comal80 from z80 to 80186 assembler.
  • 1982 - Various CP/M-programming for Piccolo computers, primarily z80 assembler.
1978 - 1981 A/S Bladkompagniet (Delivery boy - morning papers)
Study job, requiring stability and the ability to get op early - working hours 04 - 07.


1982-1984HF single subjects, interest subjects such as mathematics, music and french
1981-1982Ballerup Gymnasium, mathematics/physics line (finished in 2.g, employed in Regnecentralen)
Discovered computers and spent all my time on reading computer books from the libraries and on programming.
1971-1980Primary school, Egebjerg